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Got questions about orders, partnerships, or opening a webstore? Need advice on spirit gear, uniforms, or grad clothing? We're here to help—reach out and let's chat!

I would like to set up a store

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Frequently Asked Questions

Considering setting up an online webstore? Unsure where to start or what's involved? Explore our FAQ to learn about store setup, design services, product selection, and fulfillment.

How many products should we offer?

While the size of your school or group will play a factor in the amount of clothing and designs we'd recommend, UniGear webstores offer the largest product selection in the industry. A member of our team will work with you, to ensure your webstore has the right gear for your group!

Is there a limit on designs we can offer?

There isn’t a limit on the number of designs you can offer, but item cost is determined by potential order quantities. Design selection is another area where our team can help – We specialize in maximizing product & designs, while keeping item pricing where you need it to be!

How long should our store be open?

Typically, we recommend you leave your store open for a two week period – This should give everyone the opportunity to place an order.

How does fundraising work?

Our webstores provide an extremely easy means to fundraise for your school or group – We simply add your chosen dollar amount to each item & send you a rebate cheque, 2-3 weeks after your store closes.

Can we offer things like water bottles or mugs?

Yes, we have access to thousands of promotional products & can include them in your store. Unlike clothing items, however, promo items do have minimum order quantities, making this another area where potential order size will be a factor. Also another area where our team is ready to help!

Do we need to supply a logo or design?

You do not need to supply a logo or design - We have a graphic artist on staff and over 40 years of experience creating logos & designs for schools, university groups, teams & clubs.

How it Works

Discover how UniGear's webstores simplify life for organizers and shoppers alike. Our customer-focused team handles all the heavy lifting, ensuring everything from apparel design to product delivery is effortless for you.

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