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Pick Your Gear.
Set Up Shop. Start Selling.

It really is that simple. You are only one click & a couple of questions away from launching a custom UniGear webstore for your school or group!

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Easy Distribution

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Quick Start

Why Choose UniGear?

Our webstores are an incredibly easy & convenient way for any group to handle a clothing order or fundraising. We customize & tailor each store to suit your group's wants & needs - A service we provide for free! Want to know more? Keep Scrolling!

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Pick Your Gear

​All we need to get started is your school colors & a list of items you are interested in offering. If you are unsure, our team is ready to help you find the right products for your group!

Friendly & Helpful Sales Team
Hundreds Of Clothing Options
In-House Graphic Art & Design
Simple, Stress- Free Fundraising

Start Selling

Once you’ve made your product selections & decided on the designs you would like to use, our team will create the product visuals & build your custom webstore!

Circulate Your Webstore Link
Parents Order At Their Convenience
No More Paper Order Forms
No More Handling Cash & Cheques
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Delivery & Distribution

After your products have been customized they are individually wrapped, labeled, packaged in alphabetical order & shipped to your school or campus for FREE.

Fast Order Turnaround
We Wrap Orders Individually
Free Shipping To Your School
Easy & Efficient Order Distribution
Free. Convenient. Straight-Forward. Time & Energy Saving.

UniGear2U was created to reduce the time & overall commitment required of teachers & administrators interested in doing apparel orders for their schools.

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UniGear Webstores Are Free

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Created To Save You Time & Energy

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Designed To Be Simple & Convenient

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Built For Effortless Fundraising

More Information

  Common Questions  

  • How many products should we offer?
    This is based on the size of your school or group – A member of our team can walk you through product selection, to ensure your webstore has the right gear for your group!
  • Is there a limit on designs we can offer?
    There isn’t a limit on the number of designs you can offer, but item cost is determined by potential order quantities. Design selection is another area where our team can help – We specialize in maximizing product & designs, while keeping item pricing where you need it to be!
  • How long should our store be open?
    Typically, we recommend you leave your store open for a two week period – This should give everyone the opportunity to place an order.
  • How does How it Works Work?
    Whatever your answer is down here.
  • How does fundraising work?
    Our webstores provide an extremely easy means to fundraise for your school or group – We simply add your chosen dollar amount to each item & send you a rebate cheque, 2-3 weeks after your store closes.
  • Can we offer things like water bottles or mugs?
    Yes, we have access to thousands of promotional products & can include them in your store. Unlike clothing items, however, promo items do have minimum order quantities, making this another area where potential order size will be a factor. Also another area where our team is ready to help!
  • Do we need to supply a logo or design?
    You do not need to supply a logo or design - We have a graphic artist on staff and over 30 years of experience creating logos & designs for schools, university groups, teams & clubs.

Geared For You!

• Simple, time-saving & tailored for you.
• Built-in fundraising & painless distribution.
• UniGear is customized 4U & shipped 2U!

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